Stomach pains or abdominal pains

Movements within the legs, hands, thighs, body.

Tingling (like electric) within the body.

Swollen stomach, leg or hands.

General Body Weakness

Below Are The Issues This Product Addresses:

Kidney Stone and Kidney Disease

Liver Disease, Fatty Liver and Enlarged Liver (Hepatomegaly)

All Hepatitis Types ( B, C, D)

Jaundice & Anemia



Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes it Better Than Other Products in The Market?

There are 3 major reasons why it’s the BEST Product you can use.

1. It’s 100% safe because it’s Organic. 

2.  It’s effectiveness is proven in more than 35 countries worldwide.

3. Another reason it is better is because: some people may have liver problems and kidney problems combined and they use separate products for both — this can damage their organs later in future. But since Organic India works for both liver and kidney care, you don’t need to spend money buying separate products. 

Organic India Liver-Kidney Care will work for both organs.

How Exactly Will It Solve Certain Cases?

Kidney Disease/Malfunction: This product will bring your Kidney GFR (Glomerular Filtrate Function) to normal range AND ACR(Albumin to Creatinine Ratio)

Our product will reduce the albumin in your urine and creatinine to a healthy level.

Kidney Stone: Organic India will Crush the stones and force it out of the body completely. As well as the pains

Hepatitis: Fortunately, Hepatitis is a liver virus. Thus, Organic India Liver-Kidney care will gradually flush out the virus from the system — as well as relieve some of the symptoms of Hepatitis ( yellow eyes, yellow urine, liver/stomach pain, general body weakness and others).

It will completely clear Acute Hepatitis B  AND Get Chronic Hepatitis B to UNDETECTED STATE.

Fatty Liver: It will shrink the fat around the liver and clear it out of the system. User is advised to reduce fat and oil consumption.

Liver or Kidney Infection: Organic India will flush out any impurities found in the liver or kidney. This is the easiest for our product to deal with.

How Safe Is It?

Organic India products are 100% nature based. It is not orthodox medicine. All it’s ingredients are natural mix, repackaged in capsule form for easy consumption.

Please stop excessive use of orthodox medicine for liver and kidney issues, so that you do not damage these organs.

Organic India is a safe bet for you.

Does It Have Side Effects?

If taken with food and water, there are no side effects in 99% of users.

If  I Am Using Another Product Already, Can I add Your Own To It?

Yes you can combine our product to any routine medicine you have( or your doctor prescribed). However Organic India Liver-Kidney care does not need help from any other product to work. It is capable to resolve any liver or kidney worries alone.

Who Can Use It?

Anybody above 5years.

Which Certificates does it Have?

We are passionate about raising the standards within the organic industry. Currently, we are amongst the few herbal companies in India to receive HACCP, GMP, ISO 9001-2015 and Kosher Certifications. We have Organic Certifications from Control Union and SGS as per USDA, EU and NPOP Organic Standards.


You Will Never Find A Product Like This Again!

Effective, Multipurpose and Safe(100% Natural) For Consumption: 

* Reduce swelling in hands and legs

* Prevention and Protection of Liver and Kidney

* Improve Kidney from Dialysis.

* Get Rid of All Hepatitis Types ( B,C,D,E)

* Get Rid of Liver Problem

* Recover from Kidney Failure

* Clear Urinary Tract Infection

* Clear Liver and Kidney Infections

* Crush and Flush out Kidney Stone

* Dissolve Fatty Liver and Normalize Enlarged Liver

* Solve Low Albumin(protein in blood plasma)

* Get rid of Jaundice and Anemia.


Please note that we do not charge for delivery and you can pay after any of our agents delivers the product to you

1 Month Bottle


350 CEDIS ONLY( if you order now)

2 Months Bottles


600 Ghc ONLY( if you order now)

3 Months Bottles


750 Ghc ONLY(if you order now)

4 Months Bottles(complete pack)


900 Ghc ONLY( if you order now)



If you only want to cleanse your liver or kidney, 1 bottle is enough.

For fatty liver and kidney stone, go for 2 bottles.

If your case is that your liver or kidney is not functioning properly, please go for 3 bottles at least.

If your case is Hepatitis or Kidney failure, go for 4 bottles(but you can start with 1 if that’s what you can afford now). Later you complete it.

Note: No matter what you are buying this product for, you can always start with 1 bottle. We promise there will be improvement in your health.


Do not fill this form if you don’t have your money or if you are not ready to buy. 


Some People Say This Product Is Very Powerful But Expensive

Please do you know the cost of Dialysis if your Kidney packs up? Or the cost of Surgery for liver or kidney transplant in India?

We are offering you a product that can quickly attend to all liver and kidney problems before it worsens.

Even when it has gotten to final stage, our product is capable (by God’s Grace) of improving condition).

59,000 Naira for 4 bottles is not expensive for the result you stand to get Sir/Madam

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