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If you are unable to sleep at night EVEN after forcing yourself.

If you keep waking up after few hours of sleep at night.

If you experience unusual tiredness every morning when you wake up.

If you wake very early to go to work and return late at night.

If you have Insomnia

If you have a job or business that takes much of your time daily, you need to pay full attention to this short write-up.

I fully understand the stress it takes waking very early in the morning to go to work and coming back late at night after spending hours in traffic — especially for those who live in major cities like Lagos, where you have to wakeup very early to beat traffic.

Some people have done this for at least 10years, despite the annoying salary most jobs pay.

Even business owners who are serious about growing their business spend hours everyday working hard to make everything work out well.

In fact new business owners even work longer because sometimes they don’t take breaks during the weekends (Saturday and Sunday) — because if the business fails they will bear the major loss on investment.


But do you know that lack of good sleep can cause:

High Blood Pressure

Increase the risk of Diabetes

Increase risk of heart disease

low sex drive

Memory loss

Mood Swings



Are you aware that the recommended daily hours of sleep for adults is 7hours? So you should be sleeping for 7-8hrs everyday.

Some people even sleep for more than 7hours everyday and they still wakeup in bad shape the next day.

Therefore, GOOD SLEEP is uninterrupted sleep for a minimum of 7hrs that keeps you energized(strong and full of life) when you wake-up the next morning

According to the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria, It was discovered in 2016 that 40% of Nigerians have a sleeping problem.

No wonder there are so many health issues in this country..

Our Research Team at Naturight Nigeria Limited came up with a Tea made in Nigeria and approved by NAFDAC for use by people suffering from common sleep disorders

Office Address: 2 Ogunleti Street, Ojota, Lagos Nigeria.

Phone: 09067691865

  • Difficulty falling asleep.
  • Waking up often during the night and having trouble going back to sleep.
  • Waking up too early in the morning.
  • Having unrefreshing sleep.
  • Having at least one daytime problem such as fatigue, sleepiness, problems with mood, concentration, accidents at work or while driving, etc. due to poor sleep.


Made in Nigeria. Approved by NAFDAC.

Free Delivery Nationwide.

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