This year 2023, Nigeria’s former Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu, wife and daughter’s doctor have been jailed.

EKWEREMADU out of desperation to save his daughter’s life, offered a young boy from Nigeria 7,000 British pounds and took him to the UK in an illegal attempt to harvest his kidney for the Senator’s daughter who is battling a life-threatening Kidney Issue.

The family had failed to get a legal donor after waiting patiently for months AS their daughter’s health worsened. Despite their enormous wealth, they couldn’t get.

The former senator allegedly owns 40 properties:  15 in Abuja( Nigeria’s capital) , 10 in Enugu (Mr Ekweremadu’s home state), one in Lagos, two in the United Kingdom, three in the United States, and nine in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Apparently Money cannot buy health!

If you are a human being! And you have a liver and a kidney, please please please, pay full attention!

You may never see this page again! So pay full attention for 2 minutes only.

Something strange has been happening in Africa of recent.

The medical world has noticed an increase in Kidney and Liver failure. 

Both the young and old are affected! Not even kids are immune…

4yrs, 10yrs old, 20yrs, 40yrs, 60yrs… No age is spared !!!

The medical world( doctors) have been concerned. They are trying to find out what could be wrong.

Is it the food we eat? Is it the water we drink? 

Nobody is sure about what is going on. 

Young people keep getting this kidney or that liver issues.

For example this 25yrs Old black student (from Africa schooling in Europe)

Story of 25-yrs Old Girl With End-Stage Kidney Failure!

” My kidneys do not work well. So I have to do Dialysis almost every week. Dialysis and other treatments cost me $300 every week.

If I don’t dialyze I feel nauseous, suffer from extreme fatigue, get visibly swollen & have a lot of muscle spasms.

Dialysis itself isn’t great. I often get bad cramps that can last 10-15 minutes ( as a side effect). It is also very exhausting and time consuming.

Dialysis is also not a long term solution, with the average life span for a young patient on dialysis being only 10-20years and only 2-3years if you are over 75.

The only solution is a kidney transplant which would cost a fortune and you have to wait 10 months to get in the UK”

Nobody Is Sure About What Is Going On!

Everybody knows that eating healthy can help prevent health challenges but with both the young and old getting strange ailments this days, is it no longer about eating health ALONE.

3 Things Every Human Being Must Do Now To Protect Themselves:

Cleanse your Liver and Kidney with any natural product (compulsory)

Avoid alcohol, smoking and KEBAB. Yes Kebab. We Ghanaians like it too much but it’s not healthy. It’s not easy to stop alcohol and smoking so start gradually by reducing the quantity you consume

If  you feel pains around your liver or kidney or movements inside your body, GO FOR A LIVER AND KIDNEY FUNCTION TEST. It is not expensive.


Who is This For?

  1. Any human being if you have a liver and kidney (compulsory for detoxification and cleansing).
  2. If you feel any movement  or shock like electricity within your body that you cannot explain.
  3. If you smoke or drink alcohol
  4. If you have any liver or kidney challenge


  • If you only want to cleanse your liver or kidney, 1 Pack is enough. Buy 2 if you have a wife or husband
  • If you are a heavy smoker or drinker, buy 2 Packs 
  • If you have a severe liver or kidney case buy 3 Packs

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